Cronofonía: engelse versie

23 april 2021 komt de engelse versie van Cronofonía uit!

Dit is het belgisch/ mexicaans project van Pablo Ortiz en zijn vader Joaquin “Negro” Ortiz.

Jeroen heeft hier vele blaasinstrumenten op ingespeeld: fluit, altfluit, basfluit, contrabasfluit, fagot, hobo, hobo d'amore, althobo en blokfluiten.

"The amazing work of Jeroen Goossens that shocks us with his multi talented virtuosity (he just played about every instrument in sight!)."

"RELEASE ALERT!! Dear Friends of Cronofonía! After a long waiting period, we are excited to finally announce the release of the English version of the long-awaited double album on Friday 23rd April! Mark your calendars! The English version, that is bound to be released, features a great new set of guest singers and has all lyrics adapted to English. We will be sharing more info & fun facts every day until the release. Stay in tune!

The first version of the double album (with the original lyrics in Spanish) was released on 1st December 2020 and can still be acquired via "

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