MAD Madrid Artes Digitales

Vanaf vandaag is Jeroen te horen op fluit en bansuri in Madrid!

Daar speelt in het MAD Madrid Artes Digitales de belevenis "Tutankamon".

Travel back 3,400 years in a unique immersive experience and delve into the temples, treasures and secrets of ancient Egypt. Live the immersive experience in 2D and 3D in 1,200m2 of projections.
Walk inside the tomb of Tutankhamun with the virtual reality experience.
Learn the magic of hieroglyphic writing or take your first steps in the world of archeology to discover great treasures as H. Carter did in 1922 in the interactive spaces.
And enjoy historical objects and reproductions of unique pieces.

TUTANKAMON, THE IMMERSIVE EXHIBITION will take you on a journey hand in hand with the Child Pharaoh into the history of an absolutely magical civilization, from which we have inherited countless cultural elements and which, in spite of everything, continues to captivate us with the enigmas that cover the sands of its deserts and are diluted in the waters of the mighty Nile River. Its geography, the creation of myths, the pyramids and temples full of incredible colors or the exciting journey through the underworld of the deceased incarnated in the solar disk through the twelve hours of the night, are some of the secrets that will make sense when you visit TUTANKAMON, THE IMMERSIVE EXHIBITION.